The Many Uses of Botox

When you think of Botox, you probably picture a purely cosmetic treatment for getting rid of pesky wrinkles. Did you know Botox can do a whole lot more? From chronic pain to skin blemishes, it’s possible to use Botox to address some common medical maladies.

Reduce Teeth Grinding (Bruxism) and Pain from TMJ

Botox can be placed into certain muscles in the face to help reduce teeth grinding at night called bruxism and pain associated with the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

Reduce Sweat

You can’t ask your doctor for a Botox injection just because you don’t like to sweat, but you can get treatment for hyperhidrosis. This condition causes excessive sweating and body odor in sufferers, and Botox has been shown to help minimize both symptoms. By preventing the muscles around sweat glands from contracting, Botox can serve as an alternative when prescription-strength deodorant doesn’t work.

Zap Zits

Trying to get acne under control even with prescription medications can be a struggle. Botox may be able to prevent excessive production of sebum and therefore reduce breakouts resistant to regular treatment.

Getting Started with Botox

Before considering Botox for any of these conditions, talk with your doctor about the risks and potential side effects. Some people experience bruising and redness at the injection site, and infection can develop in some cases. Dizziness, nausea, headaches and drooping eyelids have also been reported.

Dr. Bared can explain the level of risk and help you make the best decision regarding your Botox treatment. Schedule a consultation to meet with him today.

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