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Your Nose. In Perfect Harmony.

Many surgeons consider rhinoplasty (nose job) to be the most difficult procedure in facial plastic surgery. Aside from the specialized technique involved, there’s also the beauty ideal to take into consideration.

Dr. Anthony Bared possesses both the skill and artistic eye to achieve a balanced aesthetic that works in harmony with all other facial features.

Meet the Doctor

Dr. Bared is a renowned facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Miami, specializing in facial procedures including ear pinning, cheek reduction and injectables. He is dual board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology.

Highly regarded for his mastery of all injectable procedures, he has been featured on NBC, Telemundo and Lifetime; is published in the Journal of the American Medical Association; is a frequent invited speaker at national and international plastic surgery conferences; and has contributed to several books on the outcomes and safety of facial rejuvenation.

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Rhinoplasty can correct any of the following concerns:

Nasal Bridge (too large or too small) Drooping Nasal Tip Bumps Deviated Septum Nostrils (too large)

The Rhinoplasty Procedure

Just as every nose is different, every nose job is individualized.

For some patients, a sharper, pointier nasal tip is deemed perfect. Others may prefer a more rounded, natural look. Whichever outcome you desire, Dr. Anthony Bared takes into consideration the distance between the eyes, the shape of the face, and the existing anatomy of the nose.

Dr. Bared utilizes a computer imaging tool during the pre-op consultation to establish rapport with his patients and ensure that the vision matches the execution. By visualizing the potential results on a screen, patients are able to communicate their goals and discuss realistic expectations.

Rhinoplasty itself involves manipulating the bone and sculpting the cartilage with acute precision. Dr. Bared strategically places cartilage grafts in the nose to provide support and preserve the long-term aesthetic results.

Rhinoplasty Results

For the most natural results, Dr. Bared:

  • Uses natural cartilage instead of artificial implants
  • Avoids the use of any artificial material
  • Is meticulous about the placement of incision and closure
  • Uses only the finest sutures to close the wound
  • Uses a caliper and projectimeter to measure changes to the nose down to the millimeter

Rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia to promote your comfort and safety during the procedure.

Recovering from Rhinoplasty

The First 24 Hours

The procedure is generally performed as an outpatient. You will see Dr. Bared in the office the day following your surgery. He will prescribe you with antibiotics that you will take orally, and recommend that you use ice packs to reduce any swelling and pain.

The First Week

Plan for one week of downtime from work or school. It may also be best to stay indoors to avoid excessive sweating while the cast is in place. You should begin to notice the initial swelling from the surgery subside over the next 10 days.

The First Month

After your cast is removed, your nose will appear wide for some time. This type of swelling along with contraction of the skin is normal and expected after a rhinoplasty procedure.

It is important to maintain close follow-up with Dr. Bared during the recovery process as measures can be taken to improve the healing of the nose.

Full Recovery

Rhinoplasty results take time to manifest as the skin needs time to heal and the swelling to subside.

Final results will be revealed over time.

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