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What Realistic Changes Can a Rhinoplasty Achieve?

Rhinoplasty can fix numerous cosmetic and health issues, but like with all plastic surgery procedures, you need to go into it with realistic expectations. End results may vary, so speaking with a doctor to get an accurate idea of the way your nose will look after the procedure is important for overall satisfaction.

Communicate Your Desired Outcome

Successful rhinoplasty starts with a discussion between you and Dr. Bared about why you’re interested in the operation and the outcome you hope to see.

Some patients seek a sharper, pointier nasal tip while others prefer a more rounded, natural look. Dr. Bared uses a computer imaging tool during the pre-operative consultation to help ensure your vision matches the surgical plan he puts together for you. By visualizing the potential results on a screen, you will be able to communicate your goals and discuss expectations before agreeing to the procedure.

Common Corrections

Many people choose rhinoplasty because they want to change the shape or size of their nose.

Common alterations include:

  • Narrowing a wide nose
  • Removing humps from the bridge
  • Creating a symmetrical nose shape
  • Changing or refining tip shape
  • Reducing a prominent profile
  • Straightening a crooked nose

Whether your nose has one or more of these features because of genetics or past injuries, a skilled surgeon, like Dr. Bared, can adjust or rearrange the tissues to create a new shape.

Health Improvements

Breathing difficulties may interfere with activities, disrupt sleep and reduce your quality of life.

Rhinoplasty can address these health issues by correcting:

  • A deviated septum
  • Narrow nasal passages
  • Enlarged turbinates

During rhinoplasty, the shape of your nose is changed or blockages are removed, allowing for better airflow and easier breathing.

Understand the Complexity

Because the nose is a complex facial feature, rhinoplasty can be a challenging procedure. Dr. Bared often has to manipulate skin, cartilage, and bone to achieve the desired outcome with no restriction of nasal function. This is why it’s important to be clear from the start about what you want and to trust that you’ve selected a surgeon skilled enough to achieve your desired outcome.

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Bared today to learn more about the rhinoplasty procedure and to visualize your future nose using a computer imaging tool.

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